1. Machine for making biscuits "chanterelles" A3-LIS



A3-LIS machine intended for manufacturing cookies "Chanterelle" and may be installed in-line production of confectionery.
The principle of operation of the machine is that the movement unit forms a ring zone dosage test are superimposed on a pre-heated mold.
Further movement by the guide block forms fall in the frying tank.
After frying forms are dwell zone where the product cools and becomes crunchy.
In the discharge zone the finished product falls into the sump of the finished product.

Nominal capacity - up to 25 kg / h.
Voltage - 380 V.






2. The furnace PE-2 for baking cookies "nuts"


Oven PE-2 is intended for baking pastry "nuts" (halves). And the upper and lower part of the block-shaped stove PE-2 has a heating and thermostat. This design allows you to just pick up the oven temperature and baking to get beautiful and delicious "nuts."
Baking time - 2-3 minutes.
Number of halves and bake at the same time - 30 pcs.
Power - 3 kW.
Installed capacity - 3 kW.
Dimensions (L / W / H) - 300/500/300 mm.
Weight - 23 kg.