Changeable matrixes for the machine A2-ShFZ  
for manufacturing of gingerbreads, biscuits and oatcakes of different shapes

There are more than 20 kinds of matrixes available. You can also order the matrix to make gingerbreads of the unique shape you want. We offer matrixes of a new construction with a raise of efficiency on 12-20%.

We produce matrixes with polyamid, bronze and rust-resistant draw plates

The smooth passage of a surface of draw plate from entering cylindrical to the output curly profile allows to receive tight dough plait of the steady form. The special construction allows the customer to change the draw plates in a matrix, to install different cores and therefore receive many new forms of gingerbreads and cookies. The patent application is sent


The draw plates M64 for manufacturing of gingerbreads, biscuits and oatcakes  
on the machine A2-ShFZ

A2-ShFZ-OZPO-601 Standart diameter 40, 45 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-602 Shestitsvetik diameter 40 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-603 Serdtse 40х36 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-604 Bublik diameter 45х22 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-605 Dvenadtsatitsvetik diameter 46
A2-ShFZ-OZPO-606 Vatrushka 30х48 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-607 Yolka 33х47 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-608 Palka 50х30 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-609 Mozaika 48х19 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-610 Listik 27х47 mm
A2-ShFZ-OZPO-611 Tsvetik diameter 48 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-612 Duplet diameter 18х35 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-613 Petukh 45х43 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-614 Ptichka 34х33 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-615 Mesyats 29х52 mm
A2-ShFZ-OZPO-616 Kvadrat 36х36 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-617 Podkova 30х40 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-618 Serga 32х40 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-619 Oval 36х50 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-620 Skoba 43х48 mm
A2-ShFZ-OZPO-621 Kvadrat figurniy 40х40 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-622 Ellips 20х50 mm A2-ShFZ-OZPO-624 Dvadtsatitsvetik diameter 46 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-625 Triplet diameter 18 A2-ShFZ-OZPO-626 Kaplya 26х48 mm